About Resolute Support

Supporting Your Independence

Resolute Support was founded to ensure members of our community who require additional support are given the opportunity to have real choice and control over how their needs are met.  

Our primary goal is to link NDIS participants with local community members with similar interests. As a result, Resolute Support creates meaningful connections that are developed in the pursuit of the participants needs and goals.

Our Beginning

Founded in Newcastle NSW, Awabakal land, Resolute Support has been built on strong foundations of mutual respect, empowerment, and personal growth.

We have supported many people with all kinds of disabilities and appreciate that being invited into the lives of these people is an honour and a privilege. Since our inception in 2019, the people we support have been at the heart of everything we do.

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The Resolute Mission

Supporting quality of life through choice, opportunity, inclusion, and acceptance in our community, while promoting an engaged workforce.

Our collaboration with participants, families/caregivers, allied health professionals and support staff means we can offer a holistic approach to the overall wellbeing of our participants.

As a values-driven organisation, our team has a culture of shared core values. Our values are based on the overall goal of providing services that enable an independent, enjoyable, and connected life. Our steadfast values allow us to provide the best support we can, encouraging a meaningful relationship between participant and support worker.

Resolute Support

The Resolute Values

  • Empathy of support

  • Resourcing, supporting & empowering families to make informed choices within their community

  • Helping families help themselves

  • Fostering and enhancing strong relationships and partnerships based on mutual trust and respect

  • Striving for improvements in all areas

Resolute Support

What Our People are Saying

Brad is absolutely wonderful he's understanding with me . He deserves a pat on the back


I Just Find That The Staff At Resloute Are Treating With Me With very very very very very very very Nicely and Respect.


They have been helpful to me and my mum the staff I have had so far have been very nice


I would like to thank Kim and Abby for their support they give me. They are both so kind and thoughtful of my needs. I love spending time with them and they have made my life so much easier, they have helped me get back out in the community, learn new things and meet new people... things i couldnt do by myself.


As a support coordinator I cannot recommend Resolute Support highly enough.  With each of the people I work with, they have gone above and beyond in expectations of meeting their individual needs.  The whole team from support worker to management combine their skills to assist each person to work towards their goals and growth.  The Resolute Team are open to collaborating with all relevant stakeholders, allied health professionals and community services.  Thank you for the care you provide to each person.


I’ve been dealing with Sophie and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how grateful and appreciative I am to have come across to a organisation that has such a wonderful scheduler in place. Sophie has been nothing short of amazing so far. She’s been able to introduce new team members and seamlessly fill my roster with people that meet my care needs but also fit in well around my family. She’s been responsive and proactive which has helped instil a trust that my care needs are being well looked after.

As a result over the past six weeks I have moved the entirety of my support hours to Resolute which equates to 11 hours of support a day.

Our values

Our core values are what makes Resolute Support unique

Empathy of support

Resourcing, supporting & empowering families to make informed choices within their community
Resolute Support
Helping families help themselves
Fostering and enhancing strong relationships and partnerships based on mutual trust & respect
Striving for improvements in all areas
Resolute Support
We’d Love to Hear From You

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